Mosquito corpses into commodities as high as 88 8 yuan per

when it comes to mosquitoes, many people’s first reaction is disgust. Indeed, this insect is almost everywhere in the summer, and once a drill home, it is difficult to sleep. Now, however, is the mosquito’s body, it can also be used as a commodity, and each is as high as 88.8 yuan, which is a fantastic business opportunities, and let us know!

"dead mosquitoes, 6 yuan a, ordinary Culex, really hand killed!" yesterday, the reporter saw in the Taobao online, one in Ningbo shops had sales in the dead mosquitoes. After a search found that such shops in Taobao has dozens of. More than one called zhxryp Ningbo shopkeeper bid 88.8 yuan to sell a mosquito from the Longtan area of five.

create new styles.

in the shop page, the humorous language to explain the origin of network selling mosquito, at first, just because of mosquito bites. "Now, they follow their own path of destiny, the end of its unfortunate life in my palm. From the point of view of mosquitoes, everything they did nothing wrong, everything is the same nature, with all the animals, they just want to eat a meal, to make life a little better, but it led to the tragedy of his life……"

reporter through the network connection to another owner in Jinhua, the name of aokes users, this year 26 years old, engaged in foreign trade. Aokes told reporters that the process of dealing with mosquitoes very happy. Mosquito is too hateful, was bitten a bite itch, sell the body because they hate them." It is understood that the Internet is not in accordance with the sale of mosquitoes in accordance with the normal way to shoot dead, but hollow hands, mosquitoes will die. "Then put it in a special transparent plastic bag and put it in the sun."

owner for promotions, buyers figure curious:

was originally a simple idea, but for the owner to bring the opportunity and popularity. Aokes told reporters that the sale of mosquitoes since traffic shops increased, the reporter observed, some sell mosquito network store so click rate increased significantly. Aokes said that the sale of dead mosquitoes is also a promotion, many young customers are directed against mosquitoes. "I was selling lighters, lighter I bought a 5 yuan of mosquitoes, the effect is quite good."

introduced by friends, the reporter contacted buyers miss qiu. "A small paper box, wrapped in a plastic bag, and then opened……" Miss Qiu described the mosquito, and she felt it was fun. "To buy a mosquito with the home to kill no difference, and finally thrown away." It is understood that such as Miss Qiu curious buyers are not in the minority. Aokes told reporters that his shop can sell an average of one day.

Ningbo sellers asking price 88.8 yuan / only: