How to promote the use of cosmetics store DM

cosmetics industry is very hot, to open a cosmetics store can earn a lot of money. However, due to the fierce competition, in order to make the cosmetics store business better, we must find ways to expand publicity. Now the cosmetics shop marketing is not good, today’s editors like those who have a certain strength of the cosmetics shop owner recommended a way of publicity, perhaps you can break the current situation.

dm manual has the advantage of a large amount of information, the content and operation of the main points with just a single page I talk about is the same, but the product and content is more abundant. Therefore, in the operation, to be targeted in order to allow the manual to play the greatest effect. I generally recommend that the cosmetics store in the members to reach 10000, it is to encourage the use of this method to operate the daily shop.

1, mailed to members:

is mailed to cosmetic store membership. General recommendation 80% of the daily mail to the member.

in the sales process of daily cosmetics shop, it should pay attention to the development and membership registration, membership cards issued. For example, according to the number of customers shopping, you can apply for membership card. This is an important way to develop and accumulate members, only pay attention to the accumulation of normal, members can quickly and effectively grow. A large number of members, but also a prerequisite for effective publicity DM manual.

2, mailed to potential customers:

in addition, can also collect some supermarkets and shopping malls of the potential membership information, through choose a more suitable target customers, the DM Handbook mailed to them.

The development of

3, a few other considerations:

dm manual recommendation