Lianyungang Jiangsu college students on campus entrepreneurship knowledge

students in the modern society which has attracted much attention, at the same time, now in some rural areas, the government also encouraged some of their positive college-graduate village official to conduct business activities, also held in some places college-graduate village official business training activities.

The first phase of

to encourage support college-graduate village official I venture, play a leading college-graduate village official in Entrepreneurship in rural areas and leading role, the Party Organization Department, the city and Social Council, Huaihai Institute of Techology decided to start the Lianyungang City college-graduate village official business school, carry out on-the-job training work college-graduate village official business.

yesterday in the first "college-graduate village official entrepreneurship training classes, 30 students were from Lianyun District Development Zone and Yuntai Mountain area, East and Western demonstration areas, both in college-graduate village official. Nenana graduated from Yancheng Teachers University in 2009 and majored in biotechnology, she had served as college-graduate village official, as two years later, now a Haizhou Bay Street Community Party committee. I did not have the entrepreneurial training, this time the opportunity to participate in training, I hope the future will learn the entrepreneurial knowledge to practical work, to help guide the residents want to start. At the same time, I personally participated in the 2012 home laver aquaculture business, hoping to understand the business loans, tax incentives, hiring staff, technical guidance and help laid-off workers policy."

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