New model of Poverty Alleviation entrepreneurship training with innovative credit

the past two years, the world’s economic development has entered a weak trend, China’s economic growth has slowed down. In order to urge the economic development, Premier Li Keqiang put forward the slogan of entrepreneurship management, then the country to carry out the "innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples with vigour and vitality" activities, the fire also burned into rural areas.

to support entrepreneurship is to achieve industrial supporting accurate poverty, and lack of funds is the biggest bottleneck of entrepreneurship. Yutai County combine entrepreneurship training and innovation credit mode, constructing new mechanism of precise poverty.

Yutai County People Club Bureau employment office director Yan Tongguo: "entrepreneurship training this piece of fungus cultivation of professional village carried out a total of 3, a total of 170 people, entrepreneurial success reached 157 people, the average person to enjoy discount government loans in 100 thousand yuan."

Yutai County postal savings bank branch president Sun Dechen: "our bank by this government to build a platform, the industry chain is relatively concentrated in this category of customer + as a general credit object, can realize centralized investigation, centralized approval, centralized credit, there is a financial support for the industry as a whole. So, do precision marketing."

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