Our common 2 yuan shop can make money

walking down the street, we are often attracted by some two dollar stores. The variety of goods inside, all are two yuan. Sometimes we can not help but think that each product is only two dollars to make money? The following small series for your account, to tell you two shops is also very profitable.

Second, turnover to the high efficiency, small profits. This determines the location of the store, the type of goods, more detailed pricing strategy, display measures and other details. A single location, the best choice is the center of the City Central Business District, commercial street, pedestrian street, subway crowd busy entrances; second best choice is monopoly street, commercial street life activities; and best choice is near the shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, squares and parks; the last choice is more mature the community, residential area. But the general choice is the last one, the reason is the cost.

So this is for 2 yuan