Tianjin high tech Zone to create innovation and entrepreneurship public service cloud platform

The birth of

many start-up companies to increase the business demand for public services, for the protection of entrepreneurs to open early and smooth career journey, Tianjin high tech Zone to build a professional public service cloud platform, to facilitate the rapid development of enterprises.

log in "high tech Zone Innovation public service platform", you can see the function of the service platform mainly includes: policy, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, through a pass and small software parts. For example, in the "policy", enterprises can search for the national, provincial and municipal policies and other information, to solve the problems of enterprises do not understand the policy; in the "business", enterprises can easily find a house, looking for accounting, such as licensing business services. These services are all free of charge, which is a purely public nature of the platform. In addition to the login page, through the PC client, mobile APP, WeChat public numbers can enter the platform, access to the required services. At the same time, the back-end platform has its own large database processing system, data logging, screening, confidentiality and analysis has a strong processing capacity, so that the data into the real needs of the enterprise services. The platform also combines online information processing quickly, with the help of the establishment of the field of professional services by the young pioneers of innovative service team as the next line of support, online and offline to promote enterprise development.

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