Venture capital needs to pay attention to and prevention of some things

entrepreneurship, money will not be able to avoid dealing with the past, but in which the complexity of the dispute is inevitable, in order to avoid the following, we have to play a good preventive.

many of the company’s website home page has such as "money no talk", "start BMW", "small investment, fast money" and other words, there is "successful" experience, many people looked after and wanted to join the obsession. At the same time, there are many problems in the authenticity of the user and China law online consultation to join the company, and some even cheated to reflect how to do, how they joined the company’s true, what is the pie or a trap? How to prevent deception? The legal interview, give you the answer lawyer.

Second, royalty payment. In general, the headquarters will be charged to join the three costs, namely the franchise, the right to deposit and margin. The so-called gold, refers to the headquarters in front of the shop to help the franchisee to do the overall planning of the shop, and education and training fees charged. The royalty refers to the use of the headquarters of the headquarters of the trademark, as well as the enjoyment of goodwill to pay the cost. Margin is the headquarters to ensure that the franchisee will indeed perform the contract, and timely payment of fees, etc.. Among them, the premium is due to persistent charges, some franchisors will at the time of signing a contract requires franchisees opened within the period of full royalty check, be sure to fill in a contract, when stores closed shop no longer shop, the headquarters must return the unexpired premium, in order to protect their own the rights of.

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