Homemade delicious yogurt

yogurt taste is very special, at the same time, in the life we want to drink yogurt, there is no need to buy some special went to the supermarket, can also be through their own production, let’s look at the way of making yogurt.

Sour yogurt

A, no yogurt machine how to make yogurt?

required ingredients: plain milk, yogurt 50ml

500mlProduction method:

1, the first thing one can hold 1000ml water pot. Be ready to prepare the milk into a small pot. Then open fire and heat the milk to about 70 degrees.

2, and then turn off the fire, just to heat the milk cool, cool to warm on it, do not cool to cool through.

3, cool the milk into a fresh container, can be a fresh box, but also in the pudding cup.

4, in a cool and well preserved container, directly into the beginning of the preparation of yogurt, and then the milk and yogurt to fully stir evenly.

5, the stirred yogurt lid, and then into the heating temperature of 40 degrees or so, put about 5 hours of fermentation, wait until the insurance in the container of yogurt solidified into a solid state, and then removed from the radiator, and then directly into the refrigerator freezer.

6, in the refrigerator after a night of ice, second days can be taken out to eat directly, oh, it can be said to be very delicious oh.

suggest that you will do a good job of yogurt into 200ml small cups, because it can be a cup of food, does not eat the rest of the yogurt will be broken.

two, yogurt machine how to make yogurt?

required ingredients: pure milk 1000ml, Bifidobacterium powder, a packet of sugar

Production method:

1, first of all, to clean their yogurt machine, especially fermented yogurt stainless steel container.

2, the prepared 1000ml yogurt into the yogurt fermentation tank, and then the prepared powder is also poured into the yogurt fermentation tank, the full mixing.

3, >