Shannon bridge crossing the bridge to join

bridge in the line to join the brand in the fragrant River Bridge bridge rice noodle, but a much sought after by investors to join the project, the taste of alcohol can be welcomed by the market consumers. So far Shannon bridge across the bridge vermicelli has more than and 300 stores in the country, in many parts of the country have received a good promotion and return. Shannon bridge bridge rice will be the right choice for you to get rich. In Liaoning have opened 6 stores: Liaoyang County Liu Fort two stores, shops, University of Science and Technology Liaoning tongerpu Haining fur store in Chaoyang, Dalian, and Yantai have technology stores. Friends who are interested in joining the field visit.

join conditions and rules

1. has a certain investment strength (25 thousand -10.5 million).

2. adhere to the "Yunnan bridge rice noodle" standardized management and join the code and the relevant national laws and regulations.

3. must be in accordance with the requirements of the headquarters of the full use of "Yunnan bridge rice noodle" visual image packaging.

– join the program

on the local market, to call the advisory letter visit the "Yunnan bridge noodle" headquarters, the production site taste products to a predetermined area, places signed, technology and business training, graduation certificate issued to choose the shop, store decoration, distributing promotional leaflets, officially opened.

– a win-win symbiosis chain management, core competitiveness and scale benefit in the chain of cooperation among members and symbiosis, headquarters with your clear division, close cooperation, a benign interaction between members of the interests of the chain, so as to achieve a win-win situation; two km radius is only allowed to open a shop, to avoid disorderly competition.


hand to win the battle with the same industry, not as complementary advantages, strengths and weaknesses, together bigger. China’s "Yunnan bridge vermicelli" snack chain monopoly is in full swing in China’s development and growth.

Powerful marketing system

– copy Yunnan bridge noodle shops, allowing you to easily have unique good business. Sincerely impart technology, strong logistics distribution, timely door-to-door guidance, doing business at ease, earn money going to enjoy good heart. Spread through the ages and secret system of delicious, a steady stream of repeat customers, enough to make you feel excited every day.