Join the food and beverage stores need to pay attention to what problems

only fully understand the market, understand the consumer groups you can better position your food and beverage investment project feasibility. For example, you join the food and beverage project where you have to open? Does your food fit the tastes of local consumers. Your food and beverage and the surrounding shops want to have more features, etc.. All say 2012 if you want to join a family or intend to open a restaurant. So what do you need to pay attention to? The following is the national investment franchise chain network ( for your analysis.
join stores need to pay attention to catering sales focus is to realize the delicacy characteristic, the best food stores management by virtue of their own advantages, services and technology advantages, design and produce superior catering industry similar delicacy features. The best way to food quality including delicacy delicacy not join in inn assimilation strategy implementation the delicacy, shape etc.. Best >