How to investigate the red wine franchise project

wine chain which is good? Choose a strength of the project can provide a full range of protection for businesses, if you want to visit a good project, you can look at the headquarters can provide you with support policies which, the following recommendations for reference.

1, high-quality customer service service system: the French Chateau wine Ge to join the system operation is to adhere to the customer as the center, as the first brand store in the form of operation of imported brand products in Wine, rationing, publicity support, activities coordination, professional training and other aspects of the establishment of a sound system, to ensure the demand and join to properly resolve the problem of business.

Product quality assurance system

2, reliable, traceable quality is the basis of market and brand, from the beginning to enter Chinese, will strictly control product quality in the whole industry chain model, from the French Ge Chateau wine product source to strict quality control, and in the packaging, warehousing, logistics links strict monitoring and use the security label convenient for consumers to confirm the authenticity of the product. Dr. Ge Chateau wine products not only by the Wine of EU food hygiene inspection, but also by the Swiss SGS inspection agency 100 pesticide residue zero test, to ensure that the product is pure, healthy.

3, a strict security system through the regional market: regional market proxy mode strictly, strictly implement the regional market security system, and through the anti channeling label, brand protection and market order, to ensure that the FA Ge Chateau wine franchisee operation interests.

red wine chain franchisee can be based on the above content to support the investigation of a brand can bring you a comprehensive protection. If you want to find a good project, you need to learn how to examine the brand strength, I hope the above suggestions for you.

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