Ten skills to join the project

  in the face of a large number of joining the project, investors, investors are not dazzled? Any one industry, the varieties of products are not only let consumers know what to do, a superb collection of beautiful things, I do not know how to choose, even some dealers also see hualeyan, said that their product is good, I do not know which kind of products, the same, dealers choose manufacturers is to follow the law, according to the method, specifically, the following ten standard:

1, corporate reputation: This is the premise and basis of distributors and manufacturers cooperation. In the market, both sides of the manufacturers are the most important, but also the lack of integrity". No one does not believe that the manufacturers, such as the absence of credibility, then the interests of dealers can not be guaranteed, so dealers choose distribution manufacturers, manufacturers must be "credibility" in the first place.

2, the basic situation: History: manufacturers to investigate the time to establish the market competitiveness of manufacturers. Product: inspect the product quality, packaging and other products of the manufacturers to verify the competitiveness of the products. Management: how an enterprise’s management level, some of the details from all can see, for example, go to the lavatory enterprise to see it, if the toilet stink, then the enterprise management also dare not flatter. Consciousness: refers to the manufacturer’s marketing concept, product awareness, market awareness, service awareness, especially the management of the concept and consciousness. All of the above by innuendo and manufacturers marketing personnel to understand the various documents and company profiles, company website, mature market scheme and so on, can be a way to understand the manufacturers.

3, brand building: in today’s market, overcapacity, fierce competition for markets, a new product market development, there is no pre huge amount of money for the operation of the market, the dealer is not an optimistic. This is a reflection of an enterprise of courage, courage and determination of the problem, you can imagine, a reluctant in the market, no upfront determination to win business, you and him what are the benefits and future?

4, regional market promotion: a brand, a short time can not be the country’s reputation four, but must be able to do the region is king. If the enterprise has such ideas and strategies in the region to carry out the characteristics of publicity and promotion support, then both sides is a good thing.

5, support cooperation: any one industry, the traditional extensive management and operation can not adapt to the market environment and situation, the channel sink to the sales terminal, for joint operation of the market, intensive and meticulous farming, this is the most favorable conditions for dealers, is the most secure support for cooperation.

6, information management: information age, a huge user information database, can provide more help and support for the enterprise, to provide more effective information and decision-making basis. Does the manufacturer help dealers manage the user’s information effectively, and finally form a complete marketing database? Closely related to dealers.     7, management training: manufacturers to dealers is >