What are the tips for dry cleaners

said that although the success of open shop to work very much, also need to pay attention to matters in the process of operation. However, too many to count, store, in fact there are some tips, once mastered, for the operation and development of the shop will be very good. So, what are the dry cleaners operating tips? Let Xiaobian to share with you.

: the first operation of dry cleaners, before washing, remove all the coins and pocket, if there is a metal button on the clothes, but also to timely treatment, these metal buttons will not only damage the clothes in touch drums, drum washing machine damage; in addition, if some dust into the washing machine bearing system that will damage the sealing part inside the washing machine, if the hard stuff hoarding too much, the motor load is too large, will damage the motor.

second: the operation of dry cleaners, washing clothes must not exceed the capacity of the machine itself, the water level to a certain extent, if the motor overheating or overload, it will cause short circuit.

third: operating dry cleaners, washing machines need to be cleaned every day, as far as possible to remove the dirty water.

fourth: management of dry cleaners, please pay attention to the washing time, the long time does not mean the washing effect will be better, in the beginning of washing, increase the washing time, washing effect can be better, but after a period of time, not with the washing effect of washing time increased, only the damage of clothing.

these things may seem to be very subtle things, even for countless investors, it can not be regarded as a skill. However, these small details may not seem too important, but it is the secret to the success of dry cleaners. Service industry has been to defeat the opponent from the details to win customer satisfaction, but also a lot of dry cleaners can be an important weapon for the success of the operation.