Private steel enterprises in Hebei survey of private steel enterprises usher in winter

era of continuous development, the industry is also constantly updated alternately, recently, Hebei private steel enterprises survey, private steel enterprises ushered in the cold winter, the old workers and where to go from here?

3 months of the weather, has been warming by cold, all things recovery, but as a pillar of the enterprise – steel prices still like winter.

in Tangshan City iron and steel plant, the reporter saw Feng south, the huge plant was empty, although the blast furnace chimney still smoke, but from the outside to see the factory, workshop on the vacant lot, factory work time, but to enter the factory workers but sparse, totally not see this is a factory 4000.

China steel at Hebei, this sentence has summarized the status of Hebei province plays an important role in China’s iron and steel industry in.

"Securities Daily" reporters after field visits found that, as the capital city of Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang although some private steel enterprises have been shut down, but there are also many still in the normal operation. In addition, even if some companies have shut down, but still face the pressure of relocation.

data show that Shijiazhuang is located in the private steel enterprises dedicated group before the end of 2016 to dismantle one blast furnace of 450 cubic meters, 80 tons of converter 3, net Yajian capacity 550 thousand tons of iron and steel production capacity of 2 million 480 thousand tons Yajian net.

from the profits of enterprises, in 2015 the national steel industry wide losses and the loss of 64 billion 500 million national large and medium-sized key enterprises yuan, Hebei iron and steel industry profit 9 billion 311 million yuan, of which   private iron and steel enterprises realized profits of 7 billion 11 million yuan. Private iron and steel enterprises to achieve the amount of profits accounted for 75.3% of the total profit of the steel industry in Hebei Province, it is clear that the Hebei private steel industry sales profit margin is higher than the state-owned steel enterprises   industry.

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