Miniature potted small product big profit

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pot, a lot of families and office places have a lot, but the whole pot market is very large, according to the pot body products, divided into many types, and a small series to everybody here introduced is the main business of miniature pot.

in Beijing Shijingshan District city Yuquanlu Road bird fish market, there are a dozen stalls are arrayed in miniature potted plants, in addition to the common cactus, roses, Phalaenopsis, Pachira, Mimosa, incense, gold touch also joined the ranks of the miniature pot. These plants are small and cute, and planted in a variety of exquisite ceramic pots and tubs and even a coffee cup.

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Yuquanying and Beijing City Levin

except domestic Mini Pot, the Laitai flower market there are some imports of miniature pot. The pot is a little more expensive, such as a company selling Holland flower stalls, the price of mini pineapple is 25 to $35. The flower girl said: "do not look at the small pineapple expensive, but can buy a lot of people, we have a month ahead of five or six boxes of goods, and now there is so little. More than one day to sell sixty or seventy pots, usually can sell thirty or forty pots. The boss has ordered the goods from Holland." See the eyes of the author, she added: to buy this kind of miniature pot are white-collar women, many are repeat customers. Once, a man bought six pots!"

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