Henan new regulations up to the national five emission standards are not allowed to sell

With the rapid development of

economy, there is a common phenomenon in the life of the car owners, but the serious environmental pollution can not be ignored. November 1st onwards, Henan will implement motor vehicle national five emission standards. Reporter survey found that the implementation of the new regulations, the country four new car sales cool, a lot of 4S stores substantial price cuts, the country will be used as a new car to sell the car for the specific details of the following we specifically understand the following four.

according to the Henan Provincial Committee, the environmental protection department and other 4 departments issued "on the implementation of the fifth stage vehicle emission standards notice", November 1st, the vehicle is not up to the national five emission standards shall not be sold in Henan. All light duty gasoline vehicles, light duty diesel vehicles and heavy-duty diesel vehicles imported, sold and registered in Henan shall meet the requirements of the national five standard.

this means that next month, the national four emission standard vehicles will not be on the card in Henan province. These days, in the 4S shop to buy a new car prospective owners increased significantly. When it comes to buying a car when the country is still five after buying the country, many consumers have said that the possibility of buying the country, the new car is a little higher than the five.

reporter visited a number of car 4S shop and sales company in Zhengzhou, the current market is basically a new car country five standard, national standard vehicle has basically stopped selling. Wansheng Henan automobile sales and Service Co., Ltd. Lee account manager admitted that approaching November, the country’s four new car license has become a problem.

many vendors admitted that the new regulations will be implemented immediately, 4S stores will be their first card on the car as a second-hand car to sell, the price is more favorable. Manager Li introduced, before October 1st, in order to speed up the country’s four car sales pace, four standard car Zhengzhou major automobile 4S shop sales company and country have launched a substantial discount, "in September four the car at the end of August that month preferential great, can offer seven thousand or eight thousand dollars. Because after November 1st to stay in the store is scrap."

due to lower prices, "four" car is still the choice of many buyers, they want to catch up before the implementation of the new deal, buy a new car.


Wang Qiang told reporters, "I will consider, after all, cheaper, and my hands become not very comfortable, and the four, five car car emissions difference is not great, I will choose the country four."

Henan in November of this year, will be a full stop selling the country four car, began to sell in line with the standards of the country’s five cars, the market in this part of the country’s existing car will be how to deal with the four


Jiang Gongmin, President of the Henan Automobile Industry Association, said, the country’s four new car manufacturers have not produced, he has some inventory, we began to implement the Henan. Four new car will not let the card, only in these two days recommended