What are the common points of entrepreneurial failure

a lot of entrepreneurial failure, after the failure of the venture will have such a reflection. Why other people can start a business success, and I venture to fail, I was wrong in which step. There is such a reflection is very good, after reflection to identify the problem, in order to lay a solid foundation for the next venture, it is possible to start a business success.

Steve  Hogan has experienced too many entrepreneurial struggles. His company Tech-Rx, the goal is to save as much as possible these start-up companies, in his words: "all of the innovation, in the end to be beneficial to society." Hogan believes that all failed startups have something in common:

Hogan further said that he believes the founders tend to ignore the minimum viable product (Minimal  Viable  Product), which is the software of the rules of the game, as soon as possible to the product launch, and regularly update. This entrepreneurial concept is respected by many entrepreneurs, most companies are around this concept of product development. But the idea is too dangerous for young startups, who tend to have only one chance to make a good impression.

entrepreneurs understand the minimum viable product you think often and consumers all access. People who develop App applications tend to think about the product in terms of typical customer thinking, and they think that if they understand the application they develop, then all the clients can understand it. But such an ideal situation rarely occurs