Wen Qing literary bookstore opened on Taobao

although Taobao related shops are more and more involved in the industry is also more and more widely, however, are generally a number of entities operating, but very little literary bookstore. In fact, as long as we are willing to, Taobao opened a literary Bookstore wishes can also be achieved. In this paper, the owner of the document will be his own literary bookstore opened on Taobao, has been sought after by many people.

text from either the name or character, are a standard literary young woman, she grew up like reading, in particular, like the literature full of books. It has been nearly 30 years, she opened a bookstore in the home, the general income, just enough for their own use, she will my shop to Taobao.

whim, the creation of online bookstore opened

Since the opening of the

text bookstore, leisure time sitting in the store to read, but also often on the Internet Amoy like some of the books are not easy to buy. For a long time, she found the bookstore in addition to selling some of the books on the Internet, literature and art books generally slow delivery, the shop did not have a detailed description of the book, but also can not browse what the contents of the book. So she started her own Bookstore open to the idea of the network.

she has a detailed understanding of the specific process of Taobao shop as well as Taobao trading process, she began to decorate their own shop, she hopes to be able to create a literary fan full creative Taobao bookstore. Her shop opened a reading experience area, will be sold in the first one or two chapters of book entry to the network, to provide to the buyer through early reading, reading books let sellers understand the general content, then decide whether to buy. In addition to the shop’s products in addition to books, as well as a number of cultural and creative peripheral products, she also plans to recommend some books for buyers weekly.

in the goods on the shelves and Taobao shop decoration and all the preparations, her shop opened.

store to promote the development of online shop, shop

shop opened at the beginning of the performance of natural bleak, so Wen Qing in his own bookstore, by scanning the two-dimensional code to send books or sweep the two-dimensional code books to buy 10 percent off of the activities of their own shop to go out. Wen Qing’s online shop in the store driven, credit, sales and a series of data are steadily improving, her shop because of good ideas and goods, has gradually become a gathering place for young artists.

If the

is merely a Taobao Bookstore like this, it may not be what strange, however, Wen Qing shop in the development to a certain extent, actually began feeding her store, because the accumulation in the shop, some of the young artists in the store owner from the position that has not far future, will be attracted to find the green bookstore, find the bookstore will become regulars, but.