Prosperous business district to do a good job in the supermarket three high

shops in different geographical location, the face of the customer groups will be different, and should take the business strategy will naturally have a great difference. As a bustling commercial district of large supermarkets, consumers tend to gather. Large passenger flow, consumer grade is different, in the face of this situation, the shop to do three high:

first requires a high level of operation. Management level is very important to the shops, especially in the downtown area. Raise the level of management can not go up, no matter how good the goods, can not attract the attention of customers, is always the backlog of goods on the shelf.

followed by professional level to be high. Good location, excellent facilities, high quality goods. These all need salesmen to sell. A high level of team, coupled with a high level of management, whether it is the management ability or marketing level is the first class, but also afraid of less connections? Can’t you move the goods?

and the quality of products to be high. Inferior quality products, customer first "for the second time would not be fooled, quality, good service attitude, do not leave consumers, the loss of customers is very difficult to return to consumption, the corresponding market reputation will mess up.

to operate a large supermarket, in addition to the above three high, there is no shortage, that is the diversification of goods. In the bustling area of large supermarkets, many consumers, the consumption of different grades. White collar consumption level belongs to the upper level, pay attention to brand, they are high consumption, the demand for goods is high quality.


must provide a famous brand, famous smoke area; working-class, consumption level is basically in or belonging to the lower, in addition to commodity brand outside the region, and some engage in promotional merchandise, and also adapt to the business class layer; and a consumer groups can not be ignored, that is migrant workers.

China’s national conditions, migrant workers migrant workers are the city’s army. Large supermarket to have some more affordable to adapt to the commodity of migrant workers, tobacco and alcohol on some of the following, although not earn much money, but to go is the sales. The number goes up, the cost will increase.

since the store is in the downtown area, if you want to get the recognition of the shops to consumers, the nature of the service needs to meet the needs of the consumer. In short, different consumers, the level of consumption is not the same, according to the consumer’s psychological needs of the shop, to adapt to all types of people’s consumption habits and requirements, business will naturally thriving.