Fujian to build the country’s first memory R & D and manufacturing enterprises

although the economy of our country has made a series of development since the reform and opening up, it still faces many problems. For example, on the technical side, or relatively backward. Often need to import the way in order to produce products. Real Chinese production, because of the limited level of technology, to some extent, far from us. The investment of 37 billion yuan in Fujian Province Jinhua memory integrated circuit production line of the first phase of the project before the official start, build the first domestic memory R & D and manufacturing enterprises, to get rid of dependence on imports dilemma.

the project is the strategic layout of the development of the integrated circuit industry in Fujian Province, is intended to build the first domestic technology and world-class manufacturing technology level of memory R & D and manufacturing enterprises.

complete industrial cluster

data show that in the first quarter of 2016, China’s IC sales of about 79 billion 860 million yuan, an increase of 16.5%. Imports of integrated circuits amounted to $46 billion 940 million, down 3.6%. As the country’s imports of commodities, in 2015 the amount of imports of memory products more than 210 billion u.s..

China as a large consumer of memory, the development of storage industry is of great significance.

Prior to

, the domestic market, the main memory manufacturers are Wuhan new core memory projects and purple group. The same as the base project, and the new core memory project is different in Wuhan, China will focus on the development of the project on the DRAM, the initial niche DRAM as the starting point.

future China will not only be limited to the manufacture of DRAM memory, but to create a complete memory industry cluster from design, manufacturing to packaging." Fujian electronic information group, Fujian Jin Hua integrated circuit Co., Ltd. chairman Shao Yulong said.

it is understood that the project by the Fujian Jin Hua electronic information group and Quanzhou, Jinjiang, two levels of government jointly voted to build, with a total planning area of 594 acres, including the construction of wafer manufacturing, industrial chain, etc.. It is estimated that by September 2018, the production scale of 60 thousand slices of 12 inch memory wafer can be reached.

"in order to support the memory project, Jinjiang city will start construction of the integrated circuit industry park covers an area of 1.7 acres, planning and construction of" one area "three parks, namely science park, industrial park, garden design and comprehensive free trade zone, to provide support for the memory industry development platform." Shao Yulong introduction.

at present, the project has been included in the national "13th Five-Year" integrated circuit layout planning of major productivity list of major projects, and access to national special construction funds support.

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