Business opportunities arising from the education industry

knowledge makes people progress, people have to live and learn, this is a summary of the experience, it is the right way. With China’s reform and opening up, with the West in the cultural and educational exchanges have deepened, but many high school graduates do not know where the road, which created a huge business opportunities!

"next year will have more than 3 million students graduated from high school," Catherine · Cohen (Katherine  Cohen) said, she is the founder of IvyWise, which is to provide a comprehensive recruitment consulting services, set up 10 years of Educational Consultants India Ltd. It plans to build the largest number of graduate students in the history of the United States, and now the demand is greater than ever before.

IvyWise brand is very strong, mainly due to its solid foundation established. Cohen has a high degree of Yale University application skills, had prepared for the SAT exam classes, and before the creation of IvyWise, University of California at Los Angeles instructor certification. And now the sales situation is very optimistic, is expected to exceed $1 million 500 thousand this year.

generation selection for a university that university will become a very popular industry in the future, because in the social hardware market gradually saturated today, only the service industry is the future trend!