The cow is very fresh Hot pot need much investment funds

to say what is the most popular food and beverage market to join the project, to see what consumers like to eat what investors are willing to invest. The answer is hot pot. Hot pot market has been a popular choice for food and beverage industry, whether it is business or investment have the money ready to start to join, will consider the industry Hot pot to expand their wealth, in recent years, the growth of cattle is very fresh Hot pot let Chongqing Hot pot is no longer so too high to be reached, with the local characteristics of Guangdong Chaozhou also very fresh bovine Hot pot can the rapid rise, common development Hot pot huge potential market.

How much investment is needed for

cattle? What conditions need to meet?

cattle very fresh hot pot join conditions:

1, familiar with the local market environment and consumer demand, have a certain economic base and investment strength;

2, store investment with opening conditions, the provision of liquidity.

3, not directly involved in the management of the store, the daily operation of the right to recommend.

4, have good social relations, have strong interpersonal communication, financial management ability;

5, the identity of the cattle is very fresh hot pot business philosophy, obey the headquarters management, and actively cooperate with the headquarters of the market operation, law-abiding, standardized operation.

small make up to understand the cattle is very fresh Chaoshan beef hot pot join fee in the provincial capital city needs 954 thousand yuan; prefecture level city needs $678 thousand; county level city needs 463 thousand yuan. We can judge according to their own situation, choose where to shop!

cattle is very fresh mode of cooperation: cooperation Hot pot join investment shop, the company’s brand and technology shares is responsible for the overall management! Can be seen from here, the franchisee can only need to pay, management, operations, marketing, technical services all by the headquarters, the franchisee can wait for the money! This project is very suitable for those with excess funds investment again, have a stable job and income of entrepreneurs


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