Explore the reasons for the decline of YAHOO

mentioned YAHOO, I believe no one did not know, this brand has become a famous brand has now embarked on a road of decline, which is why? The reason is because the Internet is developing too fast, but it has not changed.

tracking TV related products company ParksAssociates research director Bret · Sappington (BrettSappington) said: "in a moment, AOL and YAHOO seem to have become synonymous with the internet." It was a completely different era. 1995, when YAHOO was founded, the network is just in its infancy, people will look at the day recommended cool site search website. When YAHOO co-founder Yang Zhiyuan (JerryYang) and David Filo · (DavidFilo) to create online dictionary, to help people look for classified sites, such as government, science, news, entertainment and business, YAHOO has achieved great success.

The first big challenge