Four measures to support women’s innovation and Entrepreneurship

support a focus on women’s entrepreneurship is hit in the work of modern women for entrepreneurial enthusiasm is very high, in order to be part of this power play, Neijiang County of Longchang issued a new policy, help women better innovation and entrepreneurship.

incubator support. Invested 1 million 950 thousand yuan, the establishment of green ecological planting and breeding industry, "Longchang Qiaonv" characteristics of handicraft industry, "Southern Sichuan girl" home service industry and other 5 Municipal Women’s home base business model, and give the project funds to support the development potential of the women entrepreneurs.

entrepreneurial team support. The establishment of entrepreneurial women’s Mutual Aid Association, set up entrepreneurial guidance, the development of interrogation, emotional communication, such as a series of quality service platform for women to provide project demonstration, market analysis, marketing planning and other services.

propaganda support. Hold the "million women entrepreneurs in recognition of activities, the scene show business women’s production of specialty products, the selection of the most beautiful women entrepreneurs", "business woman expert  " 22 model typical, widely publicized through newspapers, television, WeChat and other media, to encourage more women to participate in the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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