Canal Zhican returnees entrepreneurial story

China’s current business environment is getting better and better, not only to allow countless people to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, but also attracted a lot of returnees, Chi Chi can be one of them. I really feel that China’s social economy is experiencing unprecedented development, if you do not do something, I am so sorry for such a huge historical opportunity." Opportunity is the most recent channel can be said in an interview with reporters, said a word.

2016, 57 year old Chi Chi self financing, patent, time back to his hometown of Shanxi founded the industry, research and development of anti-cancer drugs. For the rare opportunity for a patriotic feelings.

· the Johns Hopki Medical College; Ph.D., postdoctoral work in the United States for 30 years, the field of medical research and development for many years, has served as director of South American Institute of laboratory, Ph.D., has a number of independent intellectual property rights in biology and medicine.

she saw that the global pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a dramatic change, a large industrial structure based on chemical small molecule drugs are moving towards a rapid development of bio based industries. Biological medicine is the outcome of modern biotechnology and life science, while China is rising in this field. China has become the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market.

in the face of China’s ongoing economic transformation and unprecedented investment opportunities in the United States, the cause of the success of the United States, the stability of the life of the canal can decide to return home -time to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship.

‘s decision to return to China is based on the understanding of the times and the development of China’s economic trends, she believes that he was fortunate to catch up with China’s pharmaceutical industry and the country’s rapid development of the transition time.

as the representative of "returnees", Chinese academician Shi · at the Johns Hopki Medical College; Shijie, Qu Zhican admitted that a series of achievements Shi home made a great influence on her, that she was deeply touched. However, the difference between the two, Shi Shi Gong is committed to doing the basic research and education, the main channel can do scientific research achievements, industrial.

2012, Qu Zhican in the United States the resignation of the founder of the bio pharmaceutical company, for the production of cancer rehabilitation plant extraction of tea and other products, and actively carry out patent accumulation and management experience, to prepare for the day after the home business.

"I’m very keen to play a world with the team in the high-tech business, at the same time as China economic transformation, improve national health level and make due contributions," on the future development of canal Zhican aspiring.

Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces to some favorable conditions, invited the Ministry of education in 2015, the tenth recommended