Chuansha new town cup the first national wisdom talent contest held in the regional finals

this year, the provinces and cities entrepreneurship contest after another, in the game, entrepreneurs can be realized in the exhibition and exchange of the lack of awareness of their projects, but also to attract investors interested in consulting negotiations. So entrepreneurship contest is very popular with young entrepreneurs.

21, "the first Chuansha new town Cup" national talents entrepreneurship competition in Northeast and North China regional finals held in Nong’an County, ten teams from universities across the country were in a fierce competition. "China · college students start to lead the wisdom of Nongan project" was officially launched on the same day.

"Chinese · college students start to lead the wisdom of Nongan project founded by Nongan county government and the Chinese entrepreneurial practice network cooperation. At the same time, the two sides also created a "smart business park China College (multi-creation Nong’an space)", in order to outstanding entrepreneurial teams and entrepreneurial projects in the future acceptance held "Nong’an Cup" College Students’ Entrepreneurship contest selected wisdom. Nong’an county will be in close jiulongzhen, Nong’an town created two "Chinese Nong’an College Students Venture Park (multi-creation wisdom space), the advanced manufacturing industry, high-quality agriculture, the latter in the electronic commerce, cultural and creative.

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