Analysis on the problems of the Buddhism supplies store

Buddhist supplies store needs to do a good job in the purchase, so there are certain restrictions on the operation of the product, so businesses need to choose goods. What kind of goods can choose? If you are not very clear to learn, I hope to help you. Come and see!

A, by category:

Clifford push money


Taoism supplies: knives, swords, Bagua, Longquan peach wood sword symbol, curse mark

book supplies: compass, gossip, coins knot


push money gold and pig, toad, brave, evil, kylin, a pot of gold, Ruyi, cornucopia, Taishan stone

local customs and practices

two, guide:

display Temple: shop, high earners to accept the temple at the store or residential layout, we will pray for peace zone, in the program in accordance with the master to explain, you can also set the line for your advice, considerable income.

blessing service: Feng Shui store opened, the family moved, building construction, the cemetery location, promotion, celebrations and so on, service and product sales, charges will be even more impressive.


Attention must be paid to the site and store

, can choose to gather more areas in the traditional block or custom shop.

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