2016 clothing retail industry did not leave the winter

the Internet market is developing rapidly, sweeping the market at an alarming rate. Retail industry suffered an unprecedented impact of its winter. How should the current apparel industry achieve innovation and entrepreneurship in such an era?

The rise of

O2O market consolidation tide will roar like a sea hit

in China, O2O is the most popular areas of entrepreneurship, the core idea is to use the mobile phone application will attract users to the store. But after a period of time after the fire, a sharp decline in the situation.

with the rapid growth of popularity of mobile payment, smart mobile phone and cheap labor, O2O had a strong period of development in the application of O2O China, developed a variety of entrepreneurs. According to market research firm CBInsights statistics, the big Internet situation, China has a lot of Unicorn companies, but these companies basically no profit, which appeared O2O this terrible bubble.

O2O market is irrational, the market subsidies is too large, the cost of gaining new customers will be more and more big, and the possibility of profit will be more and more small, not profit, financing will become an empty talk, the bursting point at leisure. Qiming, Rachel: "financing has become more and more difficult, you will find out who is swimming naked, who lack a real business model."

Amoy brand profit rate decreased year by year