Do part time white collar workers a monthly income of tens of thousands make you happy life

although white-collar work is not hard, nine to five, it is pleasant, but wages are indeed a little meager, if the wage alone, it is difficult to maintain life. Now most entrepreneurs are free occupation, in fact, energy-saving examples also meet the eye everywhere here, here is the office worker and part-time business stories, earn 60 thousand month, is not very temptation? As long as there are people going to work under the action of the main angle is your story.

to the company’s way of recruiting, training and management of hundreds of young moon cake sales staff, build a strong sales network of the moon cake coupons, Chen Yong aroused our interest. According to the author, Chen Yong in the foreign market as a marketing, and sales of moon cake coupons is only one month a year, his surprise work".

on work flow Wang Fei introduced to Ronaldinho so: business customers in the first run, and customers are settled moon cake brand and price, must inform the supervisor and inform the detailed sales situation, and then contact the company to form, companies receive coupons. Consider a part-time sales moon cake coupons are college students, do not have enough cash on hand, so a part-time clerk can take ID card and student card charge in the company, the moon cake coupons provided to the customer, the customer’s payment to wait until the company get two cards.

The first day of

"as if on a big list, price is negotiable, but must first contact the person responsible for the company." Ronaldinho said.

to inquire about cleaner head Wang Fei told Ronaldinho, there are mainly two kinds of moon cake coupons promotion, are visiting and strange visit. Call relationships, >