2012 what is the hottest

In 2011

, will be gone, so what the industry will in 2012 will be the hottest industry? It’s really worth thinking about. In 2012 to realize the ambition, create a great cause to choose the fire industry in 2012, then on 2012 the hottest industry what? This requires entrepreneurs shining eye, to seize every opportunity there, to strive for a piece of cake of their own, know 10 2012 the fire of the


2012 the hottest female supplies industry??.

2012 the hottest industry? Industry sales of consumer durable goods?.

We have a large population base /

2012 the hottest industry of domestic automobile industry??.

2012 the hottest industry interior decoration industry??.

2012 the hottest real estate industry??.

80 is the largest population of social groups, all time to get married, the real estate is hot, with the emergence of individuals thermal unit can not live without housing distribution to employees, the real estate development prospects are very promising. Related to the real estate brokerage, consulting, building business will be promising.

2012 the hottest telecommunications industry??.

telecommunications since market is by leaps and bounds, in the electronic information era, telecommunications industry will be more developed. At present China