What steps should be followed to set the App promotion objectives

APP of all mobile phone users, is installed not less, no matter what you like or using the software, you must not know when people set businesses in the preparation, how to set your APP  use the target?

The so-called

This time

General after seed user testing period is two or three months, basically a app in terms of quality, function and market basic perfect, this is the foundation, foundation period is completed, will start a large area of the user growth promotion period, it is the second promotion period I said the.

in the rapid growth of users, is to promote the overall development of the period, the purpose is to let app users to achieve rapid growth. This time in the promotion to staff more, a person can be full-time shop channel, a person can be responsible for business cooperation, open basic promotion can open line, app store, download station, browser channels, channels, channel operators, first, various means should be recommended force, flies are more small meat, so don’t let the corners, so don’t let your home idle channel personnel.

At the same time