Beijing City the increasing number of public kindergartens

in the Spring Festival approaching the health, the children will gradually return to the campus in Beijing has been facing the problem of kindergarten crunch, recently Beijing City Department of Education Office Park expansion efforts, so that more children can enter the school, let them become rich and colorful campus life.


points, in order to increase efforts to preschool education services, this year, Beijing city will expand the Department of Education Office Park, public park held to support high-quality access support division, primary school affiliated kindergarten, kindergarten class support existing extension. To improve the city’s financial subsidies to the various departments of the park, encourage private capital to do the park group.

at the same time, the city of Beijing will start undocumented kindergarten special action, the implementation of the implementation of the program and the work of governance advice, vigorously punish the problem of illegal garden.

in Beijing, will be faced with thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers signing up to the child read the kindergarten every year, it is common that the number of kindergarten has been unable to meet the majority of the needs of children, now, Beijing will increase the number of public kindergarten, let more children in the kindergarten happy learning, happy to play.

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