Jilin City the relevant departments have made outstanding achievements in the whole forest leg ro

in order to be able to give people a comfortable environment, to win people’s recognition, in Jilin, the work of returning farmland to forests, will certainly win recognition. Jilin has been the loss of 2 million 710 thousand acres of forest land to recover, the cumulative total of more than 3 acres of forest in the past year, more than the completion of the original work of the clean up and reclaim the forest land of 1 million 660 thousand acres of forest is also the work of the target of 1 million acres of land in the past 1 million 620 thousand years.

well-organized high forward. Issued the "opinions" on the land in the city’s illegal occupation of forest land to stop the implementation of forest farming work, set up a party secretary, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor as head of the collection of forest work leading group, put the work into government key livelihood projects and performance appraisal, timely inspection, to ensure the recovery is forest work smoothly.

City Forestry Bureau set up five security package group, divided on the county (city) District, forest work supervision. The municipal government takes out 5 million yuan every year, for economic forest and shrub forest reserve. In addition, every year also took out 5 million yuan, to the "award on behalf of investment", for the county (city) district land forest work.

Duocuobingju good publicity. The propaganda collection of forest work within the city through television, radio, newspapers, mobile phone text messages, posters and other forms, 3 years cumulative production of more than 2000 pieces of banners, posters of more than 7000. By the "Jilin city land forestry work baiwenbaida" 10 thousand copies distributed to the staff and the vast majority of farmers, promote the recovery of forest work carried out steadily.

lay a solid foundation for thoroughly recovery. On the basis of ministries approved, re approved approved by the total number of land loss, the loss of 2 million 710 thousand acres of woodland. The first two kinds of investigation vector forest map, each county (city) district to make use of the vector graph, a comprehensive clean-up recovery of woodland, the realization of the digital management.

actively guide the development of industry. Actively support and guide farmers to expand new ways and explore a new model, the emergence of a "company + farmers", farmer cooperatives, joint-stock business, and a number of distinctive characteristics of forestland circulation industry development mode, the farmer’s enthusiasm and creativity are great.

published "the main afforestation tree species seedlings" instruction manual "and information manual" every 10 thousand copies, distributed to farmers, to guide farmers to the development of forestry industry. Over the past 3 years, the city has planted an economic forest of 180 thousand acres, only in 2016 on the development of forestry industry of 90 thousand acres, is the sum of the previous two years.

loss of soil and water, will make people lose more green homes, in order to people to live better, the establishment of the implementation of Jilin grid management mechanism, and actively promote the form of modern management and protection. They work with the Jilin cloud farming Co., Ltd., the use of satellite remote sensing technology, the establishment of Jilin forestry information monitoring service platform. Currently, the pilot has been run in Shulan, will soon recommend