No flower of Korean cuisine brand

Korean cuisine to join the selection of brands, Xiao Bian recommended for you to spend the Korean food, then the brand exactly how? What are the conditions? What are the requirements?

Introduction of

non flower Korean cuisine project

spends the Korean Sambo: pickled cabbage, miso and soy. South Korea contains natural for this, South Korea’s continuation of the sauce and pickled cabbage thousands of years of history, is referred to as the Asian pickled cabbage Kingdom, most Koreans in rice, pickled cabbage did not find hard to swallow. The Korean people in inheriting the essence of national culture at the same time, China fusion of the culture of the Tang Dynasty, and the trade prosperity, with the introduction of pepper, the Korean people will use it in pickled food, pickled cabbage for the launch of the spice and change the styles, also Korean cuisine spicy taste, dishes are red features. Nutrition and health of Korea ginseng, fresh chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables, stewed, steamed, grilled, hear these words have single feel very healthy and nutritious materials with practice. There are many kinds of Korean barbecue, the most nutritious taste of most should be roast beef and roast beef. Selection of the finest raw materials of beef after acid spices, with a special processing technique into thin slices, placed in the grate with smokeless environmental protection charcoal barbecue, very popular. Cooked meat to dip the bean sauce on the Korean special pepper, garlic, lettuce wrapped edible, delicious, delicate taste, high nutritional value, easy to chew, helps the body absorb. Medicine food homology, often edible, can strengthen the body.

spends the Korean cuisine since listing, by the majority of consumers love and praise, as many gourmet collection station, not only can taste the delicacy here, elegant environment to make people relax.

endless flower Korean cuisine has 3000 years of ancient Rome profound cultural heritage of Italy pizza, compared with only a hundred years of history of hamburgers and Western fried chicken, is a strong opponent. Endless flower Korean cuisine to "health, fashion" as the concept of urban white-collar workers, business personnel, family lovers, such as the main target customer base, style and fashion. Due to the use of materials, taste authentic, good response in the customer base.

unlimited flower Korean cuisine join conditions:

1, entrepreneurial spirit, a strong desire for success and dedication, with modern management awareness.

2, there is a certain economic strength, with sufficient venture capital. Have a deep understanding and recognition of the enterprise culture management mode of "no flower Korean cuisine", and are willing to abide by the unified management mode and system.

3, a high degree of confidence in the headquarters, the South Korean restaurant is willing to join the franchisee is willing to accept the training and management.

4, No.