Henan Suixian vigorously support home business a of migrant workers

entrepreneurship is not the city’s "patent", as long as there is the idea of this area, you can get through this path to success. These strawberries have begun to bear fruit, is expected during the Spring Festival will be listed. This is’ out of poverty ” get rich fruit ‘, a shed will be able to gain thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan, in the township to play the role of poverty alleviation work can be great!"

days ago, Henan province Teng cloud Technology Development Co. Ltd., Henan province Suixian Tang partner damiaocun Wang Feng said happily. The author Wang Feng along the finger’s direction, only 10 to a greenhouse from north to south, neatly arranged, each shed at the entrance to a poor households all over the information bar, with a record of every poor households out of poverty and poverty reduction measures in time.

Wang Feng in the early years of contracted construction projects in Zhengzhou, see the hometown of agricultural development, in 2011 8 million yuan financing home registration of Henan cloud into the agricultural science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., to carry out large-scale scientific cultivation, has helped 583 poor households out of poverty to achieve precision.

in recent years, according to a large number of foreign workers, migrant workers have accumulated substantial funds, Suixian adhere to the inclusive and supportive policies, both government guidance and market driven collaborative way, optimize the business environment, the implementation of preferential policies to support the return of migrant workers.

a lot of migrant workers is to earn a ticket, for the brain, touch the way of the capable person, both to understand the outside world, but also understand the needs of rural areas. Guide them home business, can not only realize the talent, technology, capital return to return, more is to achieve "a rich output a ‘work’ entrepreneurial economy economy to a pioneering rich party."." Suixian Bureau of human resources and social secretary Zhou Kezhang said. 2016, Suixian Returned Migrant Workers founded various entities 5168, registered capital of $1 billion 860 million, an increase of 29.2% over the same period last year, the county directly led to the employment of 13 thousand people."

work long, older people are more easy to miss home, plus have to take care of their parents, have children to show consideration to, has been working outside is not the answer. Fortunately, the country now has a strong support for the return of entrepreneurs policy, which will help more returning entrepreneurs who successy realize their dreams.

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