6 major items to promote the effectiveness of the West 34

"window units to more" sign "," few roadblocks’, think of ways for people to do things, good things." In April 30th, a reporter from the west district administrative efficiency construction work meeting was informed that this year the west area combined with the "three bases" construction work, then the construction of administrative efficiency 34 strict requirements of 6 items.

in recent years, continue to explore new ways to enhance the west area of cecgb, a pair of interviews with the system, is the wind Su Ji sun, thorough investigation hotline, electronic monitoring platform and other measures to effectively promote the transformation of work style. This year, the new launch of the effectiveness of the construction of the 6 major categories of the contents of the 34 requirements of the practice carrier content richer, more specific inspection and supervision measures.

the day of the meeting, study and education as a basis for the construction of administrative efficiency, will be carried out by three real special education, striving for "loyalty clean play cadres discussion and other activities, to solve the various ideological obstacles cadre style change. In the organs of cadres to actively carry out to the village (community) as an assistant for the grassroots to do a practical thing, when one day volunteers, one day to experience the work of sanitation four activities. The scientific definition of responsibilities, to prevent the system from favorable competition, no profit push buck passing phenomenon between departments. At the same time, relying on the west district government administrative service center platform to solve the administrative examination and approval permit over time and cardiopulmonary bypass and other issues. Full implementation of the post responsibility system, service commitment system, accountability system and other 9 systems, the whole process of management cadres. By the end of the year to complete the town (street) convenient service centers and village (community) convenient agent point standardization.

in addition, by carrying out a cabinet, agent type, type, type of door Tour "and other service activities and the payment service contact card, set the service hotline, the implementation of network governance and other forms, promote the efficiency of institutions to speed up large, improve service quality, improve government image, to create a good environment for promoting the development of new the charm of Western".