Green Fair preparatory work into the sprint stage

5 27, 2009, the meeting will be held in the meeting of the Committee of the 2016 Green Fair, research arrangements for the opening ceremony, the atmosphere of the exhibition, the comprehensive presentation, exhibition services and other key aspects of the work, the Green Fair has entered the countdown preparatory sprint stage.

preparations for the forum, as of May 27th, hosted by the provincial Commission by letter of the 2025 China manufacturing "forum exhibition layout and atmosphere of orderly convergence; poverty alleviation and Development Bureau of" poverty alleviation "forum, will be invited to the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office, Gansu Provincial Office of poverty alleviation and leadership, expert lectures. By the provincial culture and press and publication department hosted a "The Belt and Road" cultural innovation development forum, cultural exchange exhibition orderly, invite the central, provincial capital and foreign journalists from more than 130 people, to participate in the publicity campaign, preferably local cultural enterprises 15 households, the promotion of the Qinghai cultural industry chain, collection of outstanding national technology 2000 kinds of works a concentrated display of Qinghai culture, profound. By then, there will be 4 well-known intangible heritage craft master stage, jointly create a cultural event.

at the same time, hosted by the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry in the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Qinghai highlights matchmaking plans to invite 13 provinces and cities nationwide business representatives of more than 100 participants to negotiate, chase, mutual aid, Delingha 3 agricultural demonstration park was selected as the key object of promotion. Qinghai ecological agriculture and animal husbandry demonstration area, the theme of the six districts and the contents of the basic content of the design, the full completion of the tender, exhibitors and key projects are screening decisions.