Practice to become a college student to find a job a knock on the door

"I got a lot of valuable work experience during the vacation, because I had a good performance during the internship, and I decided to stay here after my graduation." Ma Xuemei, a senior student at Qinghai Normal University in Huangyuan, said excitedly.

Holiday each year, there are a large number of students to the society to exercise some of them into practice, some institutions do sales, in some enterprises distribute leaflets in the streets, some tutors, but whether they are in the industry, for future employment do preparation, and find better after graduation work and advance into the community.

"in practice this period of time I learned a lot of knowledge, especially in communicating with people, interpersonal relationship and other aspects have made great progress, I am very grateful to the company for giving me this opportunity to practice." Internship in a Real Estate Company in Xining, said La Xiaohong.