City Health Bureau initially completed the four district medical room on site verification and accep

  according to the "Xining social medical institutions special rectification activities plan" (Ning Weifa prison 2011 No. 117) requirements, under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Health Bureau of health supervisors four areas in our city and the food and Drug Administration Clinic, outpatient department for the supervision and inspection, check the contents of medical institutions (including medical room) membership, "practice license of medical institution" and the calibration of qualified practitioners, Clinic basic facilities, the establishment of rules and regulations, the report of infectious diseases, medical waste disposal and disinfection etc.. As of August 23rd, the City Health Bureau has initially completed the on-site verification and acceptance. After inspection, the four areas in our city have district health and food and Drug Administration for approval of the Clinic 150 outpatient department, 16, the City District East District 46 Clinic, 39 (including 7 outpatient department), West District, north of the city 46 District 35 (including 9 in out-patient department). Other statistics are in.