2016 the province’s water conservancy benefit nearly 400 thousand people of all nationalities

2016, our province water conservancy department the precise docking filing riser poverty population in the county as a unit, the implementation of the 39 rural drinking water safety project to strengthen the promotion, 394 thousand people drinking water standard has been further improved, the rural centralized water supply rate and guarantee rate of water supply reached 72.4% and 80.6% respectively.

it is understood that last year, the province’s 46 County water quality testing center was completed and put into operation, water quality compliance rate increased by 2.3 percentage points. Guide River, Naka Oonsegawa and other 6 large and medium-sized irrigation water-saving renovation project smoothly, to intensify the construction of efficient small-scale water project counties, water-saving irrigation, water-saving irrigation demonstration grassland and a number of projects, the improvement of the irrigation area of 20 thousand hectares, new efficient water-saving irrigation area of more than 1 hectares, mass production and living conditions improved significantly.

in particular, in 2016 the province to play the role of mountain flood monitoring and warning system, the warning of more than 4900 times the risk transfer area of 375 people, rescue trapped people 43 people, the maximum extent to avoid casualties, casualties in recent years is the least of the year.