Nearly ten million people will participate in the forty first round of the world cup

In December 19th, reporters from the 2014 Tianyi cup in Xining forty-first day race press conference was informed that, as the people of the city to meet sports brand events marking the new year, new year’s day in Xining city in the Lake District race will be run, the opening ceremony will be held in the Lake District of Qinghai Sports Center, is expected to nearly 10000 from society all the players participate in the competition, the oldest 82 years old, the youngest 10 years old.

it is understood that the new year’s day race sponsored by the municipal government, Municipal Sports Bureau and other 22 Bureau commissioned and four district government contractors, the theme of "wisdom of Xining," summer ", to actively promote the city integration and development of sports culture and tourism, enhance the people of all ethnic groups in Xining to raise public awareness of fitness, health and promote the" life of the city, the city of happiness "to create work, reflect the glorious history of people of all ethnic groups in Xining in 41 years to actively participate in fitness activities, fitness activities in Xining area show the booming scene. The competition is divided into individual competition, collective group game, jogging team. The competition is divided into individual student group of men and women, young men and women group, adult male and female group, age group, race distance 2.1 km respectively to 10 thousand metres, the race route as far as the middle man group, a group of young men.