Xining City the first honest cultural square settled in the City Park Village

in order to further promote the construction of clean government culture, promote the culture of "six plus four" Xining mode, the education demonstration base of rich connotation, innovation culture construction carrier, Chengzhong District Garden Village Square as the basis, to create the first independent cultural plaza in Xining City, and strive to create a "low-cost, low-cost, Zun Chong, corruption Shou Lian" honest culture.

Garden Village Culture Square is divided into three regions, including the establishment of fitness equipment, culture wall, farm house, the green stone area, Breeze Pavilion village, language, public affairs column etc, has the obvious characteristics.

is a combination of natural landscape and clean government culture. Ask him what so clear, as has the springhead, using the square inside the pavilion carefully build a clean government culture, named "Breeze Pavilion", in the pavilion entrance crafted a poetic couplet. The inside of a post Pavilion framed the plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum and lotus five culture plates, with moral honesty, enable the people to accept the education in the art of painting and calligraphy appreciation at the same time; the language of green stone area is composed of 12 blocks of different sizes and shapes of the stone in front of the Plaza is set up an eye-catching mark stone – culture square stone. "Jingyuan", "warm breeze", "gensei flow, the heart is regular" and "cheap if the orchids, self Hing, the rest of the square stone blocks are carved with different content, but contains a" clean "the same meaning.

two is a combination of history and culture and clean government culture. Culture wall to ten plates as the carrier, featured a number of independent stories, honest motto aphorism, showing a clear color, rich in content, a profound sense of integrity of the culture of outdoor propaganda picture. Read the text, the quality of cheap rhyme, appreciation of beauty, so that people can feel the strong atmosphere of leisure and leisure culture.

three is a combination of cultural activities and clean government culture. The region will also make full use of the surrounding environment of the square, carry out a variety of timing performance, playing independent short films, patriotic movies and other activities, regularly held the painting and calligraphy exhibition, the exhibition and cultural exhibition, so that the cadres and masses to accept the culture in the leisure entertainment, expand the coverage of corruption prevention work.

clean and Honest Culture Plaza occupancy park tree village, the development of clean government positions to promote grassroots clean government, will play a positive role in promoting. This is not only able to "the education function of things" for the majority of Party members and cadres, but also can create a good atmosphere of advocating honest and diligent in society.