Xining small dining environment improved year by year

A neat dress, a clean dining environment, a civilized dining language…… Since the founding of the city of Xining, in the joint efforts of various departments, the small dining environment in Xining has improved year by year, in the early assessment, the assessment index so that the masses satisfied.

on the evening of September 3rd, the reporter followed the city food and drug administration staff, led by the Secretary for more than four weeks to the city’s small dining dining environment conducted unannounced visits. It is reported that since the end of August the city held a city mobilization meeting, four district food and drug supervision departments carried out checks on food safety, small dining environment, it also finds some small restaurant operators without health certificates, not to dress according to their regulations, Houchu poor hygiene, after the rectification of these problems are to improve. In order to urge the rectification, Fangzu again came to these small restaurants, catering in Taining Garden Street, Fangzu Roasted Mutton went into a shop, the shop prominently posted a "civilized table" posters, the shop operators are required to wear clean, clean and tidy in the kitchen, separate raw and cooked. Unannounced visits to the group and then came to the city’s big new street night market, a seafood shop, shop staff dressed neatly, are enthusiastically reminded of the end of the meal package for customers. It is understood that the city’s civilized table activities since the start of the public has been welcomed by the dining environment has been significantly improved. (author: 1)