Xining City Housing turnover prices rose

From the

analysis of Xining City real estate bureau, the latest housing market: after a quarter of the property market rebound after our two or three quarter market is Spring is in the air., commercial housing transaction volume has exceeded the level of the same period last year, the volume of rapidly expand, the city housing prices also rise "".

a large number of home improvement needs of the market

it is reported that the national macroeconomic fundamentals continue to increase, and our province to promote sustained and healthy development of the real estate market policy introduced, greatly promoting the healthy and stable development of the city’s real estate market, the housing transaction volume rebounded significantly. According to statistics, in the first three quarters of this year, the city’s real estate sales are active, especially self occupied, improve the demand for positive consumer market, superior location, good quality projects favored by the majority of consumers. The city’s commercial housing, commercial housing turnover was 1 million 996 thousand and 700 square meters, 1 million 808 thousand and 800 square meters, reaching a new high over the same period last year, an increase of 51.24%, respectively, an increase of 53.22%.

Xining is the first choice for the province’s

last year wait-and-see consumer groups, this year still did not see the decline in prices, see the property market is warming and warming, sustained high prices, in a background of such pressure, the consumer demand began to release. At the same time, with the National Health City, national garden city and other honorary title and other policies to further honor the purchase, Xining has become the preferred destination for residents living in the province. In addition, a large number of local population in the urban area of Xining has become or will become the main force to improve the demand for housing.

each plate prices are not low

according to the survey, the city plate increasingly highlights the value of the region, a large difference in the price of residential sales, the overall price is not low. At present, the plate housing price in 3500 yuan / square meters; the East plate housing price in 3000 yuan / square meters; the West plate under construction and new housing sales price has more than 4000 yuan; north of the plate in the current building and new commercial housing sales price reached 3000 yuan; the South sector of the housing sales price and sales are inferior to other sectors, housing price in 2400 yuan / square meters.