This year the city added 120 hectares of green space

March 18th, the municipal government held the city to create a national forest city and urban greening work conference. Our city to forestry ecological engineering construction is the focus of this year, to further increase the construction of city forest network, and gradually build a complete forest ecological system, comprehensively promote the construction of ecological civilization city and green development, and strive to make the National Forest City Comprehensive Evaluation standard.

Deputy Secretary Su Rong presided over the meeting, and on how to do a good job in the city of Sen Sen and urban greening stressed four points. First, raise awareness, and then drum drive, firmly establish the confidence of national forest city. Two is a clear goal, seize the opportunity to quickly set off a new upsurge of afforestation. Three is fine management, to create high-quality products, to enhance the quality of urban greening. Four is to deepen the reform, innovation mechanism, in promoting the reform and development of urban and rural areas to achieve new results.


] I in the crucial goal in 2014 the city of new green garden of 120 hectares, the forest coverage rate of 32%, built-up area green coverage rate of 40%, per capita green area reached 11.6 square meters, the village greening rate of 31%, the waterfront greening rate of 85%, greening rate of 82%.


] key projects in accordance with the "Mattel strategy, as the key tree" policy, this year the city will further promote the establishment of national forest city to create a green atmosphere, a lot of work carried out:

– 345 thousand and 300 acres of afforestation. Pay close attention to "four sides" green, "Three North", returning farmland to forest and other key forestry ecological projects, to achieve substantial increase in green.

– to build the new city landscape. To promote the transformation of city greening landscape city to be completed at the end of May, the airport expressway (Xining section) along the environmental remediation 11 2000 acres of green construction. Completion of the comprehensive transformation of the Xining Railway Station, sunning Plaza parking lot and other greening projects. Implementation of the central square of the North expansion of green phased objectives.

– create a "three rivers and six banks" as the landscape axis of the city wetland park. The completion of the Qinghai Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park in the construction of a feasibility study report. At the same time, plans to be completed at the end of October Ning Lake Wetland Park construction.

– to enhance the urban green landscape. There are plans to carry out three county parks and gardens, promote new greening and landscape renovation Green Street and road green, to plant clove flower.

– do a good job in the preparation of the feasibility study report of Xining Forest Park. To complete the consolidation of 10 thousand and 200 acres of large Nanshan reforestation, the implementation of a good Nanshan Nanshan acres of fine management and protection of the 200 thousand. For more policy and financial support for the implementation of the Forest Park around the foundation of solid foundation.

city leaders Fan Guoqing, Kim Yong, white and so on attended the meeting.