Three Wanqianbaishiyi lift a climax City

"Wanqianbaishiyi"? Don’t think it’s just a bunch of simple numbers. As a new measure of city area this year to create a national civilized city, "Wanqianbaishiyi" project will be key to build a city highlights and features create city work.

  to further the formation of civilization in central central civilization for everyone involved, everyone benefits "to tackle a city atmosphere, Chengzhong district recently launched the three" Wanqianbaishiyi "project to promote a city. The three "Wanqianbaishiyi" project are: create an atmosphere of "Wanqianbaishiyi" project: a city issued million copies of brochures to the citizens of the area, a city of thousands of questionnaires, to create hundreds of citizens’ moral lecture, held in ten a city of theatrical performances, a "moving central, common things" selection activity. A city "Wanqianbaishiyi adults" project: thousands of people involved in a city, the selection of thousands of civilized people, each community organization of hundreds of volunteers, the selection of ten moral model and carry out to the side of an advanced character of learning activities. A young city "Wanqianbaishiyi" project that launched the million teenagers within the jurisdiction of a city to participate in work, the selection of thousands of young people, civilization hundreds of outstanding young volunteers, ten virtues of youth and carry out activities in reading a good book. At the same time, the district will also carry out "the good people around me", "my side of the beautiful campus", "civilized streets" and "harmonious community" selection activities, guide and urge all Street Town, district community, civilized units to carry out various forms, distinctive civilization. A city of central fine judged not to engage in the work of each field "to what extent, what effect, what time to complete, complete, how to finish what you do, there must be a clear statement, in order to promote tangible measures to hit the city on the implementation of the work." In order to effectively hit the city work in the end, caught in place, this year, the city will increase the supervision and assessment, monthly or timely hold a city hit fine analysis judged. According to reports, the city will set up a special steering group, by the district leadership as the work of the special inspection team, in-depth line, grassroots, inspection and supervision, to solve the problem, find a weak link in the city. According to the problems of a city stage work, found in the inspection, held a city tackle fine analysis will be judged on specific measures, focused on solving a city between the city and work together to form between district units and street units, to promote the work. At the same time, the city will also strengthen the creation of the city target assessment, not only will the city into the city’s goal of the overall assessment of the various departments of the region, but also an appropriate increase in the proportion of the goal of creating a city. Not afraid Jieduan everyone is a city supervisor "dare Jieduan ugly", not afraid jieduan. Urban areas to create a city as a popular work and practical projects, will;