Xining 14819 candidates into the examination room 511

the morning of June 7th, three county four district of Xining City, 14819 candidates to 16 sites (Xining city center 10, 7805 candidates; three county candidates 7014 people, 6 test sites), 511 room, in the morning, the afternoon of Chinese mathematics college entrance examination subjects examination (June 8th for the integrated arts, science and foreign language "college entrance examination including hearing, hearing no counterpart Vocational"; 9, "bilingual" candidates of the Tibetan language, Mongolian language, ethnic Chinese "including listening exam. In the morning, city leaders went to the Xining Municipal Education Examination command center, based on various departments to listen to the report on the pro forma, view the network real-time video sites, the examination of the situation, and to 21 in Xining, the center Shen school test center view of the field.

reporter on the morning of the Xining education examination Command Center learned: this year the city’s college entrance examination enrollment of 15532 people (including liberal arts, science and technology, the 10057 people, higher vocational education and the train for the past 1184 years,). In order to ensure the safety of college entrance examination, smooth, this year, Xining continue to multi sectoral linkage for the majority of candidates escort. Pro forma work is mainly reflected in the organization pro forma, system pro forma, equipment pro forma, training pro forma, management pro forma, service pro forma six aspects. Among them, the pro forma: update equipment security door 28 Taiwan, 390 Taiwan, clock radio two generation ID card identification instrument 39, metal detector 370, the wireless signal shielding device 478, each test center is equipped with 2 CD players, the basic realization of the management information, strictly control the occurrence of cheating in high-technology. In the multi sectoral linkage for the majority of candidates escort, the Xining municipal public security department is all police units for each test center is equipped with 5 traffic police, 5 public security police, the center of Xining college entrance examination papers for delivery from a vehicle satellite positioning system of the special vehicle traffic department of public security; reserve 100 bus emergency vehicles, 500 taxi cars love help successful candidates exam; Department of health for each test sites with 1 ambulances and 3 medical personnel; the electricity sector for each test center is equipped with 3 professional and technical personnel, to ensure the normal power supply.