To strengthen the rural road Xining sunshine project construction quality supervision station of the

2011 September 15th, the Provincial Department of transportation quality supervision station, the city Bureau of transportation held a total of Huangzhong County, the village to the village of highway engineering road inspection ICAC conference. Provincial Transportation Department of Transportation Highway Quality Supervision Station, City Transportation Bureau, City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the city traffic construction development Co. Ltd., Qinghai Bo company, COSCO Qinghai supervision company, Yucai testing center and other relevant units of more than 20 responsible comrades attended the meeting.


meeting, the total road project construction, construction and supervision units made a report on the main construction situation of Huangzhong county general highway to Tian Zhai zhai. Bureau of quality supervision station responsible for Comrade Zan Yongjie (Engineer) to strengthen rural road construction, good engineering inspection work requirements: all staff to participate in the general emphasis on tin engineering detection to strict work style, earnestly perform their duties, combined with the current engineering construction quality problems, caused great attention from on the thought, to strictly enforce the construction procedure and the standard detection link detection. Actively cooperate with the relevant units (departments) to close the good, scientific, fair and impartial views and suggestions for testing.

at the same time, to participate in the quality inspection Comrades to weight, the police, and resolutely put an end to corruption, can not touch the red line, to prevent the abuse of power, for private fraud.

in order to further strengthen the anti-corruption work in highway construction, city traffic bureau discipline inspection commission proposed in recent years, with the development of the western region, the development of Xining, is increasing year by year in road construction project construction of Xining rural highway construction, the work is very important, we must continue to conscientiously implement the work on strengthening the construction of rural highway in central provincial and municipal requirements, in the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and quality supervision station of the leadership and arrangements, the relevant units and personnel to be responsible, with highly responsible for the traffic engineering project construction of the general attitude, we are responsible for field Highway Engineering quality detection, and puts forward the existing problems, testing work together complete the project quality assurance, Xining highway construction and rapid development.