Xining north of the city held the second home culture and Art Festival

to promote advanced socialist culture, promoting family virtues and family cultural construction, advocate scientific, civilized and healthy lifestyle, the family rich active cultural life, and make new contributions to the construction of a harmonious north, north of the city of Xining district from May to October, held the second session of the family culture and art festival.
the family culture and art festival held in instrumental music, vocal music, dance, acting and calligraphy, painting, photography, paper cutting, embroidery, cooking show as the main content of the family talent show; carry out family sports in ball games, chess, poker, running and other sports activities will be dominated by women, the village; community home as the carrier, organization of urban and rural women and family members to carry out reading, speech, energy conservation and environmental protection and civilized etiquette knowledge, stories and poetry recitation and other cultural activities; extensive "harmonious civilized family" and "family safe, creating a" low carbon family · lifestyle, clean culture into the family etc. combined with the "North good" activities; recommended selection activities to carry out the "good mother, good wife, good children, good neighbor" moral model contest. In addition, combined with the "creative city", "year" activities, carry out the "urban and rural clean action and various forms of" civilized behavior "," civilized people of Xining ".