Xining 26 million 450 thousand grants to help farmers loans

in order to further accelerate the rural low-income housing construction in our city, and promote the transformation of the rural masses housing concept, effectively solve the rural housing construction financing problem, the city issued a rural low-income housing loan financing platform for grant funds 26 million 450 thousand yuan, increase loans to rural low-income housing construction support. Up to now, has accumulated 510 households to pay loans to 17 million 678 thousand yuan.

It is reported that

, the Municipal Finance Bureau under the office of the provincial government "on further promote the province’s rural and pastoral area housing construction advice notice" and the Provincial Department of Finance issued "on the rural housing construction financing subsidies notice" spirit, build rural affordable housing loan financing platform, providing loan guarantee fund to guarantee the use of affordable housing in rural areas the construction of farmers. This year, in order to further promote the rural low-income housing loans, standardize fund management, improve the efficiency of financial funds, the Municipal Finance Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, municipal construction committee formulated the "Xining rural affordable housing loan guarantee fund management measures". At the same time, to promote the work of rural housing construction in our city to support, encourage farmers to repay the principal and interest of loans to finance, according to the 2012 annual housing construction in rural areas the county loans and debt service, to the Huangyuan County Rural Housing construction loans allocated 60 thousand yuan prize money up, Huangyuan County by direct cash to repay the principal and interest of loans of 40 households. And let the people get more benefits to farmers, rural affordable housing projects presents a new bright spot. (author: Xiao Yu, Finance)